Baked Lemon Pepper Chicken

Baked Lemon Pepper Chicken and Potatoes Recipe is seriously so good and easy to make. One pan means less dishes, plus you end up with roasted chicken and potatoes that are packed with good flavor and yumminess.
Ingredients :
1 Chicken 2 drumsticks, 2 wings, 2 thighs, 2 breast
1/4 cup Butter
1 tsp Knors seasoning
1 tbsp Lemon pepper
1 pack Ranch seasoning
1 tbsp Olive oil
1 tsp Salt
1 tsp Pepper
1 tsp Ranch
1 tbsp Lemon Pepper
4 springs Thyme
Lemon Honey Butter Sauce
1/2 stick Unsalted Butter
2 tbs Honey
2 tsp Lemon pepper seasoning
Preheat oven for 425F.
Clean chicken with warm water, lemon and vinegar. You can see how I clean chicken here. Drain the water, set the chicken on a baking tray and pat dry.Massage the butter all over the chicken, add knors seasoning also rubbing under the skin, ranch, lemon pepper seasoning, olive oil, set aside.
Cut potatoes in half, drizzle olive oil, salt, pepper, ranch and lemon pepper seasoning. Add potatoes to baking sheet with chicken and springs of thyme.
Bake on 425F for 1 hour.
In a small pot, Add butter, lemon pepper seasoning, lemon pepper and honey.
After an hour remove chicken from oven and drizzle honey lemon butter all over the chicken and potatoes, serve.

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