Easy Pimento Cheese Recipe with Smoked Gouda

Ingredients Needed

hard cheese – I used half sharp cheddar and half smoked Gouda but feel free to use all cheddar if you don’t want the smoky flavor

mayonnaise – this binds all the ingredients together

cream cheese – it provides the creamy texture of this spread

pimentos – they have lots of flavor. If you can’t find them, use chopped roasted red peppers instead

spices – a little onion powder, dry mustard and cayenne pepper provide lots of flavor but add or leave out any spices you’d like

parsley – I use dried or fresh to garnish this cheese appetizer

How to Serve Pimento Cheese

If you need a last minute party appetizer, this cheese spread is a perfect appetizer to serve with crackers or toasted bread. I also love it spread on sandwiches, burgers and stuffed in baked potatoes.

It is also good eaten with a spoon when my family is not looking. This recipe makes a big batch so I can do that. And I still have plenty extra for potatoes, sandwiches and burgers.
This is one of my regular new years eve appetizers that I make every year. If you make this Smoked Gouda Pimento Cheese recipe, I promise you everyone will be happy. It’s also great for football season or any game day.

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